Dusters California x Steve Olson Collaboration

We are proud to introduce our newest collaboration with one of skateboardings biggest icons of all time! Mr. Steve Olson! Olson has a raw, uncut, in your face attitude that can be felt through his skating as well as his art. He was the original tester of the Independent Stage 1 truck and his iconic Santa Cruz checkerboard model which became the first use of full-board graphics on seven-ply laminated maple. Fast forward almost 40 years of skateboarding history and Olson’s legacy is still alive and strong, recently being inducted in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and becoming well known for his controversial art and other collaborations in the fashion world. 


Manhattan Beach Skate Spot Opening and Artshow

On March 18th, Manhattan Beach opened a long awaited "skate spot", free to the community. At the event, there were free giveaways, a pro skater demo and a contest with cash prizes for the winners. After the skate spot opening, the crowd headed over to the Manhattan Beach Art Center where the California Locos kicked off an art show with live music and a book signing of there newly released hard cover, "Somos Locos". Dusters California featured there new skateboard collaboration with the Locos at the art show as well. This video sums up the fun and memorable times of the whole day from start to finish.


This 2017 spring season, we explore the urban side of California in Downtown Los Angeles with our new line of cruisers and longboards. This season, we globally launch the Dusters California Locos line of cruisers featuring artwork by Chaz BojΓ³rquez, John Van Hamersveld, Dave TourjΓ©, Gary Wong and Norton Wisdom. Other boards include the Channel Prism drop-through and the Lite Honeycomb drop-through longboards. Whether you're into carving, cruising or commuting, we've got a board to fit your riding style!